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VHF Radio Review & PFD Pocket Minor Injury Packets for Boats & Bodies Sunday 4/30, 1-4:30pm

Jeff Charette

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Workshop for NSPN Members: 
Sunday, April 30, 1-4:30PM

Jeff Charette and Sue Hriciga are offering a convivial workshop at Sue’s home in Amesbury, MA

The VHF Radio Review will serve as both a refresher for those who own a VHF and a rudimentary orientation for those wanting to learn about proper VHF use for sea kayakers.  Although not a comprehensive course on all VHF uses, this workshop’s focus is to provide the basics of VHF protocol.  Once these parameters are outlined, folks will pair up, be presented with scenarios and simulate appropriate VHF responses.

Occasionally whilst kayaking, minor accidents happen to boats and bodies. So what do we carry in our PFD pockets to quickly respond to these incidents?  On-the-water pocket boat repair and personal booboo kits will be presented and how best to assemble them.  Please note our body booboo kits are intended to quickly respond to minor cuts and are not intended to be substitutes for a more complete Wilderness First Aid training or kit.

Jeff has significant kayak camping experience and has developed an additional kit for more serious and extensive on-the-land boat repairs upon returning to camp.  When out and about on islands for multi-day trips, it is prudent to be prepared for repairs to get one back to the original launch!

We will provide a couple of Food Savors to experiment with PFD pocket boat and body repair kits.  Come join us for a casual afternoon of camaraderie!
If you would like to attend, PM Sue (SueH)
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