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Easter Bunny Plunge April 8, 2023


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Eight of us celebrated what I just confirmed was the 10th Annual scheduled EBP…although over the years some were celebrated in a restaurant when conditions weren't favorable, and one (last year) was canceled altogether because bad weather kept us off the water and the @#$&* pandemic kept us out of restaurants.  This year, bright blue sky, some wind and brisk temperatures made for a lovely paddle out and around Tinker's Island from Riverhead Beach.  But for the first time, we didn't live up to the name.  Not one person plunged!  We all stayed warm and comfy in our boats.  But in a sense, that is a mark of the success of previous such paddles.  In 2013, five of us ventured out on Easter to test our cold water gear…and our mettle…by doing a lot of in-water exercises…rescues, swimming boats to shore and so on.  Over the years, EBP's,  cold water workshops and other events and experiences have gotten many of us comfortable and confident in what to wear and bring with us…so on this particular beautiful day, we were all happy to Just Paddle!  Thanks to Rob Folster - who organized the first Easter paddle,  before it had a name and a history - for organizing once again; and Cathy Folster, David Mercer, Fred Goodman, Jim Connors, Mike Habich and Joe Berkovitz…for such a lovely day on the water!












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