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Boston Inner Harbor New Years Eve Day Paddle


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It's become a tradition.  After various people backed out  (Covid contact, bad back, undefined physical something-or-other…) four of us remained.  So it was David Mercer, Jim Connors, John Dowd and I that headed out from the Little Mystic River ramp in Charlestown under atmospherically gray skies and clouds draped over the tops of buildings.  There was almost no wind for the first time in a long time.  We paddled in and out of marinas and piers down to the Black Falcon terminal then turned to cross the harbor to Eastie.  We had to stop for a bit to let a tug, returning from pushing a big barge out of the inner harbor, pass in front of us and received a cheerful toot of acknowledgement as it went by.  A relaxing paddle, flat gray water and uniformly gray sky with the occasional pitter patter of rain.  We were all glad to gone ahead with the plan even when the forecast was not terribly encouraging.

AND we were lucky enough to get a group portrait taken before we launched by a man we'd met there before who was preparing for a short paddle himself in a wide and comfy rec boat.  Thanks, Eric!





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