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Surf kayaking

Suzanne McKechnie

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Hi @Suzanne McKechnie take a look at SMSKN (https://www.meetup.com/southern-maine-sea-kayaking-network/) - they surf Higgins and nearby beaches year-long. Though mostly using sea kayaks, people do bring dedicated surf boats time-to-time.

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I surf paddle year-round - waveski, surf kayak, longboat.   It's been a long while since a small active group of us - NE Surf Kayakers - would meet and surf from RI to southern ME.  But, people age..  Work, family and other life obligations take over. 

Anyway, if you are ever down in the MA or even NH and want to meet up for surf, drop an email. 

I consider myself more a surfer than a paddler:



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I also surf a 10 ft WS Kaos SOT that I have been surfing for the last 20 years.

I also ran Sea Kayaks surf sessions in southern NH for 20 years,

I don't go out much in the winter any more because my hands get cold.

if you're interested we could meet this spring or summer and surf some waves.

Bill Harter


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