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Board Of Directors for 2023


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Every year, we reach out to our membership to see if anyone is interested in serving on the the NSPN Board of Directors (BOD) for the upcoming calendar year (Jan - Dec).  The BOD is the decision-making body of the club, with primary responsibilities of maintaining a balanced operating budget and overall finances, manage ongoing club business such as the website/forum and memberships, promote and/or support workshops and club events, and guiding the overall direction of the club, among other tasks.

There are three officer positions: the President sets the agenda and facilitates meetings; Treasurer manages finances and assists Clerk with state and federal filings; and the Clerk who takes and posts meeting minutes along with submitting state and federal filings.  For the remainder of the Directors, there are no set duties, but often individuals step up to take on specific tasks. The BOD meets via Zoom once a month, generally on a Tuesday evening, and meetings average around 2 hours give or take.

Any NSPN member with an active membership is welcome and eligible to apply, and there are no paddling experience or length of club membership required.  We are looking for members with a desire to make NSPN the best club it can be!  If you are interested in joining us, or know someone who might be, or have any questions, please message me or email robert@NSPN.org.  Please include a quick note explaining why your are interest in joining the Board, and send it our way by Dec 12th.

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