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Cape Neddick Campground to Ogunquit 10/1/22

Jim Snyder

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We ended up with seven for this trip. Me, Mike Habich, David Mercer, Jim Doscher (on his first NSPN trip!), Karen Volkman, Sue Morin, Fred Goodman. We set out from the campground at low tide. If it had been three inches lower we would have done some walking. The sky was leaden, on the very outer edge of the Hurricane Ian system.



We managed to surf some micro waves washing up on the little beach beyond the bridge to warm up. I got to ride one backwards but sadly no picture. Outside the harbor we immediately found the small swell to be providing some fun on the ledges.




Some provided surfable waves, then we proceeded to the beautiful chasm below Bald Head Cliff.







On past Perkin's Cove to the river mouth at Ogunquit. There was some surf there but it was kind of erratic and we were getting hungry. We ate on a beach so flat that we found ourselves edging our boats up every few minutes on the rising tide.



On the return we stopped for a stretch on a very steep beach that was just slippery enough for reverse seal launches.


This is a wonderful stretch of coastline that never disappoints. Thanks to everyone, and especially to Sue and Jim for additional pictures.













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It's always good to have munitions on deck.  Well, actually we just found a bunch of fresh empty shotgun shells floating outside Perkins Cove, along with a duck with its feet in the air that may have accumulated a few pellets in flight.


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