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May 2006 Update


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Dear NSPN members,

WOW - Can I say that it's GREAT to be back on the 'warmer' water! I see the excitement already from the activity that is going on.

Workshops: The Beginner's Workshop was an absolute blast. A well attended event and the word of kayaking safely is getting out even more so. Thanks to Al, Cathy, Anne, Ann & Natalia for putting this together and making it a very successful event.

Trip Leader Training: Although a bit premature…I foresee a phenomenal success. More Leaders out on the water…or better yet…more experienced paddlers sharing their knowledge we become a stronger club. Thanks to Dee, Brian, Linda & Alex for a well run program. Also a special thanks to those leaders of the past to help out being “tea bags”.

Trips 2006: We have trips on the calendar and more to come. For those who are interested in partaking – please refer to the website. For those who want to lead trips – well… you know the drill – Plan AWAY we’ll book more. It’s going to be a great summer.

Wilderness First Aid & CPR Course (June 17 & 18): From one who has gone through this course, this class is quite invaluable to becoming a better paddler on the water. It is certainly worth it. As of this week, we haven’t received enough response to justify the costs to host the event. Unfortunately, if we don’t get more response by next week (May 16th to Carl) we may have to cancel the event. If you want to participate please contact Carl Carlson or refer to his post.

REI Demo Day (June 10 & 11): As in years’ past we have assisted REI with on-the-water assistants as well as NSPN Booth reps on the land. We need some assistants with this event this year. For those who want to help out with either of these days please contact Kevin Beckwith.

MA Bay Water Trail: We are looking for folks to document a variety of information that we ALL use in our paddling endeavors throughout the east coast. Due to personal conflicts, I am unable to head up this at the time however I will still be involved in the program. Fortunately for us, Kevin Beckwith has graciously taken over and will be hosting a meeting at his residence at his house on the 20th. Please refer to his post for more information.

Professional Instruction: The Board (through the countless efforts of Paula) has aligned multiple sessions with various instructors throughout the summer. We have BCU instruction with Jed Luby (June 4th), Women’s Sea Kayaking with Karen Knight (June 17 & 18), Misadventures with Bob Foote (June 17) and many more TBA. Please refer to the posts (and calendar soon) for more information. They'll be a lot of fun. However, we do need some registrars for the professional instruction events. So if you’re going to sign up for a particular session AND willing to be a registrar please let Paula know.

Lake Sessions: ‘Tis the season to be practicing on the lakes. For those Leaders out there who are interested in hosting some lake sessions for the season please contact a Board member and we'll get it on the calendar.

Whooo-aahhh…that seemed to be a lot…

Hope to see you on the water (for me it’s probably relegated to Lake Quinsig, as baby #2 is due in < 2 mos)



NSPN President

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