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Wilderness Tempest 170 or 165

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Hi Kevin,

Bob has a FG Tempest 165. We'll be in the pool in Ipswich next Saturday if you friend will be there and would like to try the composite version. Dee is right in that there is difference in the cockpits between the 165 and 170 -- the 170 is too big for Bob (5'9"/150), who fits comfortably in my Explorer LV and Vela.

Bob loves his and I rather like it too. I know a few people who have the plastic version and they give it high marks.


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I own a glass 170, and it's perfect for me. I'm 5'10", 185 or so.

I'd say the the cockpit is the right size for me - it's easy to roll - battle tested in big surf. I think I was only blown out of the cockpit once in heavy surf, and was able to do a reentry and roll that time.

I found the built-in pads and such to work great for me, with little adjustment. But, maybe I have a strange build?

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