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Using a skeg slider with neoprene gloves


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Hi all,

I have an NDK Explorer and am trying to figure out the best way to operate the slider while using neoprene gloves. The problem is the neoprene is too thick to get leverage on the slider.

I have tried using my knife which works, but I have lost a knife that way when it slipped out of my hands. I have tried using a thin piece of flat metal secured with a bungie to my boat or PFD. This also works but I really don't like another thing hanging from a bungie that could get tangled. 

I keep thinking there should be a way to put a cord through the hole in the slider tab but I can't do it and I've never seen a pic of an Explorer that does that so I assume that is not possible. 

I'll bet there is a really simple way to do this but I haven't figured it out. 

Any ideas?


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There is probably a problem with the slider system, since you shouldn’t need that much leverage to move it. Slider should move easily with the push of a finger. I would investigate the system and see if there are any kinks in the cable or if the sleeve is binding somewhere. Also check that the sled itself is not binding. 

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Thanks Rob. That may be. If so, it's been that way since I bought it about 15 years ago. It does slide easily once i get it started. But I find it difficult to get it started with a glove on. I'll tinker with it. thanks,


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Could be a kink in the cable right at the skeg, so I would suggest starting to look there. Might also loosen the cable at the control knob and see if the knob itself is sticking. Beyond that, I am at a loss. Others may have further insight, so feel free to update this thread with your findings. 

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