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Greenpeace Whaling call for action.


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If this is not appropriate please let me know I will delete the message.

This is the messages that I was e-mailed (edited for Spelling as a few people have pointed out the type-o that was in the e-mail).


Maybe you already knew this, but it shocked me to learn that Gorton's, based as we all know, in a Massachussetts town that derives a significant amount of income from whale-watch tourism, is owned and operated by a Japanese whaling company!

Please follow the link below to add your name to a petition asking Groton to put pressure on it's parent company to stop the planned slaughter of 1000 whales in the name of "science," exploiting a legal-loophole in the international ban on whaling. And stop buying any frozen fish sticks from them until they do!

I thank you and the whales thank you.




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