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Bargain Skin-On-Frame kayak and Greenland paddle 200

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I need room in my garage! Kayak and paddle for 200 or Best Offer!

Located in Boston; will meet at a local lake or ocean put in for test paddle if desired.

 I got this SOF Baidarka style kayak a few years ago, used, from the guy who made it. The workmanship appears to be very good. I have used it only lightly, and stored it inside. I did some minor repairs on it (paint and reinforcement of the bow and stern paint job with shoe goo, also replaced the deck lines). It has one minor repair to one of the cross-piece frame bars which was done by the original owner. It seems to be totally solid. It appears to be slightly warped if you sight down the midline, but it must be OK below the waterline because it tracks just fine, without veering to one side or the other. It is fully functional in that it floats, tracks and paddles very well in the wind and chop, is quite fast, turns easily, rolls like a dream, and is fun to paddle.  It is also rather tippy and tricky to get into because of the small Greenland style cockpit. It is quite light of course, somewhere around 20 or 25 pounds is my estimate.

It does NOT have float bags (I used empty gallon jugs in a mesh bag), a seat (I used a folded piece of foam), foot pegs ( I rested my heels on the frame crossbars), back rest (would have been nice to have but I never got around to it) or spray skirt (I had an old one but it fell apart).  All of these things you will want to make, add, or improvise if you use the boat much.

I have no idea what the life span of a nylon skin is, but so far this one seems to be holding up fine. I don't know how old the boat was when I got it, but it wasn't new then, and it isn't now either.  It looks like it still has a lot of life left in it though. It would be a good boat for someone who is curious about Baidarka style boats, wants to try out a SOF without spending the time and money to make one, and/or someone who wants to practice rolling, esp Greenland style!

I also have a very nice used but in good shape wooden/epoxy covered Greenland paddle (made by me!) which I will include with the boat. Contact me here or at Beth.Sangree@gmail.com if interested.





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