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Coast Guard i911

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Sounds great, I love technology even if some evades me. Privacy is over rated and most young people don't care about it. Looks like you set this up with the CG well prior to going to sea?

 Not worried about big brother.

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1. If I'm paddling with my phone in "airplane" mode, and I've allowed "location services" for GAIA only (for recording a track), can CG find me?

2. If my phone is shut down, this is of no help-correct?

3. What "mode" is your phone in when paddling?

4. Anybody NOT paddling with a phone aboard?

5. This is valuable supplemental technology, though not a concern for me on the water, as I always travel with my VHF.    T or F?

6. Who uses their phone (with waterproof case [recommend]) in lieu of VHF?

This would be of help if i'm hiking Marshall (with my phone), slip, and tear up my ankle. Rescue heli can land on the abandoned airstrip! 

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I'm following up on this. It's not clear to me yet whether as a paddler you have to do anything to activate this other than calling 911. I talked to the OOD at Coast Guard in Newcastle and he wasn't clear either. He is checking it out and will get back to me.

Edit: They got back to me quickly. You don't need to do anything to access this service other than call 911 and ask for Coast Guard. They will send you a text message asking you to authorize their access to location service. They emphasized that the best first option is VHF radio, especially with DSC. 


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