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Workshop Volunteers


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NSPN likes to offer workshops for the benefits of it's members during the cold winter months as a means to take advantage of the "downtime" and keep general interest in the sport fresh.  These workshops are offered through the generosity of our fellow members volunteering their time and knowledge, very often as a means to pay back the knowledge they gained from other members over the years.

Not ready to run a workshop yourself?  You can still help!  These workshops might also need support staff to do such thing as source a venue, setting up furniture, or managing registrations.  Many current and past presenters first started out just helping out others until they gained the confidence to run their own workshops.

There are a vast number of topics that can be offered as part of a series, or an independent full-day workshop, or just a short segment.   Here is a list of past workshops to choose from or inspiration to pick a different topic:

  • Weather
  • Tides
  • Waves
  • Currents
  • Trip Planning
  • Navigation and/or Chart Reading
  • Group/Incident Management
  • Maintenance / Repair (Gear or Equipment)
  • Camping
  • Cold Water
  • New-To-Sea-Kayaking (established program - need volunteers!!)

If you are interested in organizing, presenting, or just helping out with a workshop based on any of the above topics, or something different, please contact me or other Directors to let us know how you want to be involved or just for help promoting something you are already putting together.


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