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How to use the Lending Library / Stuff to Borrow forum

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The Lending Library / Stuff to Borrow forum is a place where you can take advantage of the "second N" in NSPN - the Network of paddlers in your area that might have gear you'd like to test drive, tools you might need to make a repair, or skills or local knowledge you could benefit from. Unlike the Classifieds forums, this is a place borrowing, swapping, sharing, and mentoring, rather than buying or selling.


Some Guidelines on Offering Things:

You can use the headings at the bottom of this post or copy an existing Stuff to Borrow post as a framework to structure your offerings. Give people a general idea of where your stuff is located, where and how they might get access to it, and how long you're willing to loan stuff out.

You always have the right to decline someone's request. You are under no obligation to offer anything to anyone, even if you've posted it here.


Some Guidelines on Borrowing Things:

NSPN is not party to these transactions and won't get involved. This is just a networking forum to connect people who want things with people who have things. By borrowing something from an NSPN member, you are assuming responsibility to return that item in the same condition, and to replace it if you damage it. 

Unless someone has posted otherwise, assume that the items offered here are for a short-term, one-time loan to you, the NSPN member. This isn't intended as a substitute for owning your own gear or as a place to borrow gear for others.

If you ask to borrow something, please don't make extra work for the other person. Contact them by Private Message (unless they've posted otherwise) and be specific about what you need, when and why you'd like to borrow it, and give some options as to when and how you can pick it up and return it.

You can use the Search feature on the website to search for specific items you'd like to borrow within this forum.


Structuring your Offerings

You can list your stuff to borrow any way you like, but here's a framework you can copy and paste into your listing to help get started.


Free / Pass it Forward:

[A great way to pass along things that you no longer need. If you've received something this way, please pass it along in the same manner when you're done.]


Stuff To Borrow (__ days):

[Things that you're willing to lend out, but you want them back. (Books, repair tools, etc) Give us an idea how long you're willing to lend them out for.]


Try My Gear: (in-person demos near ______, or on an NSPN paddle)

[Boats, paddles, PFDs that others might be interested in taking for a test paddle or trying on before they go shopping for new gear.]


Skills and Services:

[Got a special skill that you're willing to share with others? List it here.]


Local knowledge:

[Do you know a specific area like the back of your hand? Offer to help others looking for paddling information.]

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