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Aerial photos of Monomoy?

Adam Bolonsky

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Hi Ken -

You probably know to be careful with Terraserver...they have lots of cool satellite photos, but you have to look at the dates carefully...some are many years old. The link you gave was March of 1995, which is pretty bad for Monomoy -- the sandbars there move so quickly that anything more than a year or so old is nearly useless.

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Your 100% right!! I noticed that and probably should have mentioned it but i figured Adam would realize that. I wasn't sure what his use was. We have a place on the bay side and even there the bars and creek inlets change greatly season to season.

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Adam (The Monster) is looking for royalty-free aerial photos. I am guessing he needs them for his next article.

Google is not royalty-free if you look at the bottom of the maps it is Copy right sign (I don't know how to make one in a web form) 2005 Google ....

Mark (The Other Monster) had pointed me to this site for charts before (I would have to lookup the exact link)


Adam if they don't have the photos your looking for on the mgis site I would give them a call.


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The georeferenced images probably are available for free from MassGIS without the Google watermark. Thats where Google got them. However you would need a program like ArcViewer to see them or ArcGIS 9 to stitch them together like Google did.

If they are available in tiff format you can use something like Photoshop to put your picture together.

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Thanks for all the help, everybody. I went to the Massachusetts state GIS site and downloaded a pile of high res TIFF files. Wow what a terrific resource.

Their aerials of Monomoy are superannuated, of course, but the essential impressions are there: intricate channels. Also the basics are the same, as they probably will be for another decade. The Southway is still the Southway, the gap at South Beach is there, if differently shaped, and the deep channels which at any tide connect the southway through the two Monomoys to Common and Halloween Flats and the Shark Hole are there, running, as ever, counterintuitive and snaky.

Thanks again.

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