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Gelcoat repair?


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Sadly I have to repair two holes in my gelcoat, so much for never scratching my boat.

In this thread Brian did an excellent job in



In that album he has a picture of "The right stuff"


I stooped by the Woburn West Marine today and they didn't have any gelcoat, I didn't call ahead 1st since I figured it's a boat store they have to have gelcoat.

I was looking at the westmarine catalog to call other stores.


The catalog shows two different versions of "The right stuff" should I be using waxed or the non-waxed version?

And are there other sources in the Waltham area within 30 miles or so for Gelcoat that might have it in stock?

While looking I found a few other examples of repairing gelcoat:




Thanks -Jason

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The products you want are on page 458. Either the Gel Paste or the Finish (waxed) Gelcoat will do the job.

- The Gel Paste is great for areas that need significant buildup, since it doesn't run. This can be very convenient, but it's more difficult to spread it evenly. It's neutral colored (translucent clear), so you'll need to buy tint to mix into it.

- The Finish Gelcoat is white, so no tinting is necessary as long as you're working on a white hull. It's not as thick as the paste (more like a thick paint), so you may need to build it up in layers, depending on the nature of the repair.

The manufacturer of these products informed me that the Gel Paste is stronger than the Finish Gelcoat, but I've never had a problem with either one. They also stated that the Finish Gelcoat can be buffed to a higher gloss, but I haven't noticed any difference between them. IMO, the products are essentially interchangeable.

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When we did Rodney's second nose job (he's so narcissistic) we found that we could not get properly pigmented yellow from clear gelcoat. Though we used approximately twice the recommended dosage the patch is decidedly translucent. One suggestion I have gotten since then is to start with white gelcoat rather than clear. Another is to do a layer of white and a layer of pigmented clear. I've also heard that yellow is a difficult colour to get right.

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Brian I found your current article on gelcoat.

If anybody else would like to view it, page 51 has Brian's Addendum to Gelcoat Repair. (I unfortunately missed the original article).


On Page 33 Adam has a review of the Little Wing boat (A boat built in Salem MA). This must be why Adam was at Mystic lake with the boat.

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