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NIGEL FOSTER SURF CLASSES - Sign Up Information!!!


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NSPN is pleased to have Nigel Foster back to teach two surf classes. A basic long boat class on 10/15, and an advanced long boat class on 10/16. Learn about safety, wave patterns, controlling your boat and many other important skills for the surf zone. Due to the popularity of Nigel's classes and to give all NSPN members an equal chance at getting a spot, a lottery system will be used to determine the participants. Here's how it will work:

1). Open registration: Send your name, e-mail address, day & eve phone numbers, ACA #, boat description and emergency contact name/phone number, and which class or classes you want to participate in to Bill Gwynn at mac@masscoast.com. Make sure you include all the information required.

2). Open registration will be from 10/5-10/7 midnight. Any registrations received after midnight on 10/7 will not be accepted.

3). On 10/8, names will be drawn and the folks will be notified. Due to the short time frame, please be prepared to send a check in ASAP after being notified.

Other information:

Basic Class: This class is geared towards those comfortable with wet exits and being in small-moderate surf. Participants signing up should have knowledge of basic strokes.

Advance Class: Participants should be comfortable in larger surf conditions, have reliable roll, and good stroke skills.

Location of Classes: TBD depending on the conditions. One to two days prior to the class, a decision will be made on the location and participants will be notified. Keep in mind that the classes could be held anyplace from the south shore to NH.

Class Size: Limited to 6 participants each day.

Proper Dress is Required: The water is getting cold and due to the nature of class, participants without bomb proof rolls may be spending some time in the water. Wet suits with a dry top or full dry suit is strongly recommended. Helmets are required.

Cost: $145 for NSPN members. The class is restricted to NSPN members.

Cancellation Policy: All NSPN-sponsored commercial events are run on a “pass-through-the-cost-basis.” NSPN may include a very small markup over actual costs to cover incidental expenses and support club activities that benefit the membership as a whole. The club does not subsidize activities that benefit only the participants in classes with limited enrollment. Therefore, in the highly unlikely event that the class is canceled due to extreme weather, there will be no refunds.

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