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LAST CALL for Nominations for 2006 Board of Directors


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Another year is almost past and we are seeking looking for more members to serve on the Board of Directors. The BOD are the people who do the take care of the clubs business, this encompasses everything from balancing the books, setting up pool sessions, scheduling professional instructors, etc...

One of my favorite things about this club is the willingness of all us to volunteer and help out when needed. This year we have several members stepping down from the BOD. If you're interested in serving please e-mail our clerk, Bill Gwynn, mac@masscoast.com If you have any questions about serving on the BOD please contact me mikecrouse@yahoo.com

Here are the election rules as stated in our by-laws

Under Article II, section 2. Election and Number:

The board of directors shall be of such number, no less than 9 nor more than 14, as the directors shall determine from time to time. A majority of the directors then in office shall elect the board of directors at the annual meeting of the directors or at a special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting. All directors shall hold office until the next annual meeting or special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting or until their respective successors are chosen and qualified. Any vacancy in the board may be filled by the directors.

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And just in case you are unsure who is on the current board, here is the list:

Carl Carlson

Ken Cooper

Michael Crouse, PRESIDENT

Karen Gladstone

Christopher Godfrey

Bill Gwynn, CLERK

Dee Hall

Buddy Hogan

Sean Kimball, TREASURER

Brian Nystrom

Suzanne Hutchinson

Paula Riegel

Of course, you are welcome to discuss volunteering on the board with any of the current members.


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We did not discuss the Board size specifically at the last meeting (where the "retirees" were announced), but we need a minimum of 9 members. That means that we have two slots that must be filled and five "optional" slots. Anyone who is interested in serving is welcome to submit their name.

On another note, I would like the thank the outgoing members for their service to the club. Well done!

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