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Parking at Riverhead Marblehead

Bill Gwynn

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On this past Sunday, several paddlers were charged $10.00 to park and launch. I have been putting in at this beach for 35 years, and have never been charged. My understanding was that it was a PUBLIC boat launch, and therefore could not charge because it's PUBLIC.

So, today I made a phone call to the Mhead Police Dept. and they confirmed my current understanding. Bottom line is: if you are launching a boat (including kayaks) it is free to park. If you are not launching a boat, they can charge you to park.

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If you carry a cell phone you might want to record (781) 631-1212, the number of the Marblehead police department. If you arrive and they try to charge you it can save you $10 x the number of participants automobiles. I have never been charged to park there, the last time I was there the person taking money was said the policy was "free for boaters".

In case it isn't obvious this applies to the lot on the north side of the causeway, not the gated lot by the pavilion.

P.S. - The old guy who hauled my boat across the road on the back of his truck this spring did so for free.

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