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Cold Water Workshop - 10am October 15 at Newbury Kayak and Canoe

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Keith Attenborough (Hi folks) will be leading the annual cold water workshop, replacing Suz Hutchinson who is regrettably unable to run the workshop this year.  Keith has led this workshop in past years and will share his expertise again.  This is a great introduction for paddlers looking to extend their season into the coldwater months, and an excellent refresher/practice day for experienced coldwater paddlers.  Folks who've been winter paddling will talk about their experiences, their favorite gear (it's show and tell time), and exchange info on how they deal with cold weather, cold water and staying warm.  If you're just starting, this is a great opportunity to ask questions - just remember, paddlers love to talk - your challenge will be getting them (me) to shut up.

This free workshop will start at 10am on Saturday, October 15.  Participants (that's y'all) will have the opportunity to dunk test your cold water gear in the Parker River from the NKC dock, and to get some practice with self and assisted rescues while fully geared up.  

If you have a drysuit, bring it along for use in the class.  If you’d like to borrow a drysuit, some will be available, but please be sure to reserve in advance.

Contact Newbury Kayak and Canoe (www.newburykayak.com) for more details.


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If you are interested in giving a drysuit a try, learning about hypothermia, the gasp reflex, how your body loses heat, and the all important how to warm back up, I encourage you to attend this.  Due to a family death, I am unable to make this event this year.  Also why I didn't have the opportunity to promote and gather interested paddlers to attend.  

For those that may not know, Keith Attenborough is one of the "old timers" of the club.  A very experienced paddler who was one of the original founders along with also being a founder of http://www.qajaqusa.org/

So, if you are new to paddling and want to understand all about cold water paddling and how to do it safely, this  is the event for you.  If you are experienced and have attended one before, this is great to do to help provide YOUR insight and experience to those new to paddling.  

The format of the day for this will be similar to those previously held by NSPN.  It will be hands on learning!

If you need to borrow a drysuit for the day, just let Newbury Kayak know and I will get them my loaners in advance.  


Event info:





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Looking forward to helping out and seeing folks at this event!

If you need or want to try a drysuit and haven't before...come.  Pipe up to Michael over there and a suit shall appear for you to try as if by magic...or suze....definitely one or the other.

...AND there is a delightful wood stove burning in that shop so no one has to get or stay cold!

See you Saturday!


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