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Learning about CAM


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2 minutes ago, leong said:

I’d like to dig deeper into CAM, especially as it applies to sea kayaking. Where can I find self-learning material? The only document that I’ve looked at is this.



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Please excuse this, as it is a little tongue-in-check, but since CAM is a "common" activity, doesn't it make sense to learn it in a "common" environment?

But seriously, I do not know of any self-learning materials, as everything I have learned has been through the annual CAM training sessions that NSPN has been offering every year.  I think the issue may be that there is no definitive CAM structure, but instead some core values that allow organizations to structure their own programs based upon how those values apply to their situation.

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Just so you know where I coming from: When I took engineering/physics and math in undergraduate and graduate school I often studied the original sources, at least when they weren’t too difficult to understand because of old notation and language. Sometimes I found that an original work was better than the later textbooks because they were written by the real “inventors” and sometimes had more pertinent examples. After studying the “originals” my textbooks and lectures became easier to understand.

 Nevertheless, I understand what you’re saying about CAM. The lack of documentation is what it is.


Thanks, for the link to “The Common Adventure Model of Outdoor Programming”. It has much more information than the general article I previously read “A Model Theory of Outdoor Programming Approaches.”


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