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MMSI registration help


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I apologize if there is already a thread on getting an MMSI but I could not find one. I recently got a new handheld VHF with DSC and I wanted to get my MMSI number. I have tried a couple of places to regisgter online but they don't seem to be for a kayak. They want vessel registration numbers, home ports etc etc. Has anyone done this recently and can give me tips on how (if?) you can do this for a kayak?



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I registered through Boat US. I left everything blank except the fields below. I think if the Coast Guard gets a DSC alert from a vessel called Kayak, they'll probably figure out what they need to know pretty quickly. I originally was going to name my vessel Orange 17' Kayak, but since I sometimes paddle a green one, I left it as Kayak.


Vessel Name:


Ship Classification: *


Vessel Location (Marina Name or Residence):*

Stow, MA

Capacity (# of persons expected to be on board): *



Kayaking along MA and ME coastal waters

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Thanks Dan. I did try skipping steps on the SeaTow site and it would not let me continue. SeaTow was free. BoatUS is $25. But you also get the membership with that. So I guess it works out. 



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