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Fatal NE kayaking accident on Sunday

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Summary: 2 men, woman and an 8-year old girl launched at dusk near the mouth of the Connecticut river. The ripping W/NW wind and tidal currents pushed them offshore and across LI Sound. After a night on the water the woman and the girl survived and washed up on an LI beach, but the men did not survive. (One tried and failed to swim to shore, the other remained in the cold water to make room for the girl to stay in one of the boats.) All had PFDs; not clear what else they had in the way of safety gear or clothing.

It's a sad story and it seems clear that they weren't experienced. But all of these accidents are sobering and have something to say so I thought I would share this with the group.

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The weekend that NSPN cancelled its CAM session due to high winds! Recreational kayaking is becoming more popular each year. I know a lot of folks among my customers who claim to be kayakers but it becomes obvious when talking to them that basic understanding of safety on the ocean is lacking. One can only try to spread the word through the type of educational events NSPN offers but it may not be enough. On the other hand, these accidents are probably not epidemic enough yet for the Coast Guard to launch an official campaign. Very sad.

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