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Has anyone bought a Gearlab paddle, besides myself?  I took advantage of a sale on one or two of their designs and paid immediately for the paddle and a bag per PayPal, to be warmly greeted by someone from there, in most endearing English...and then waited...and waited...and waited...

Next communication was an apology, also in amusing, Oriental English, saying that there was a backlog at the factory and please, would I forgive them and be patient?  

The weeks went by and then came another communication, also most apologetic, saying that the factory had had a quality control issue and that an entire batch had been discarded or some such.  A date was quoted for estimated delivery/shipping, which date came and went...so I sent a gentle enquiry and have now been advised that it ought to be ready for shipping in about a week's time.  We shall see...

These paddles are gorgeous-looking and I wonder whether anyone else has interesting tales to relate?  I am dying to get back on the water and to use my new paddle -- that is, if it ever arrives!

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I have 3 Gearlab paddles. All received within 2 weeks time. The folks at Gearlab have had some issues in the past as they developed new products and finishes. I would not be at all concerned with your purchase. They are very serious about maintaining a good reputation and I'm sure you wil be very happy with your purchase. 


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In the last three years I have purchased two paddles from them directly and have been very impressed by both their products and their customer servive.  I received both in about 10 days.


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Well, the big news of my day is that -- after receiving an email enclosing tracking number, just three days ago -- a long cardboard box, registered mail, was placed in my hands today at lunchtime!  Less than three days from Taipei to Gloucester must be some sort of record?

The paddle looks gorgeous: I shall try to get out tomorrow after work to try it out!  (Can hardly wait). Thanks, all, for the encouragement.

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