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Current designs willow

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I have moved this to the General Forum so that more people can read and respond. 

I myself am unfamiliar with the boat, although I thought that Current Designs was a reputable manufacturer. 

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I currently paddle a Current Designs Rumour (https://cdkayak.com/Kayaks.aspx?id=45), and absolutely the only thing I don't love about the boat is the modified ocean cockpit, which the Willow doesn't have. My boat is very well made and very lightweight for its size (many NSPNers have been surprised at light it is when helping rooftop it, and this is a group that knows their fiberglass boats).  This past summer I took it on a circumnav of Cape Ann in sustained high wind and periodic 3-4 foot seas and it performed admirably. 

The Willow is a very different boat than the Rumour (wider, a bit shorter etc), so really I can't comment on the design. I strongly suggest that you paddle the Willow before you buy it. My boat, for example, has a very strong "personality" that a few other folks who have paddled it weren't fond of.  That may be the same with the Willow. 

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