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New to Sea Kayaking Workshop and Navigation Workshop, Gould Barn, 4/24/16


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It was a perfect day for education at the Gould Barn.  Two events were scheduled.  In the morning, the New to Sea Kayaking Workshop; in the afternoon, a Navigation Workshop.

As I said, perfect day...


Cathy made sure that all attendees would be well fed, and Janice's scones were within hours all gone...


About twenty people attended, six of whom ended up signing up to join NSPN.  Welecome to them all!  Kevin, Lorrie, Phil and Bob were the presenters.  Keven led off.


But I have to ask, would you paddle with this motley crew ;-) ...?


We quickly moved outside to gather around boats to talk about...boats,








and assorted gear.

While most everyone was paying pretty much rapt attention, not all were.  There was time for board members to chat.



And time for others to nap.  (Doug!)


One NSPN member even managed to snag a never worn dry suit for a bargain price from an attendee who was apparently taller than he thought when he bought it.  Way to go, Joe!


When the workshop was over, a crowd of club members showed up to be led through navigation exercises by Phil, Bob, Kevin and others.


I had the pleasure of frustrating the efforts of a physicist, economist and neurologist to teach me vectors...

But people really tuned into the exercises, and although my own head was exploding from memories of high school math and geometry, others stay laser focused, consulting with each other and planning trips.


Altogether, a most excellent day for NSPN at the Gould Barn.  It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to litter the lawn with boats, and it was a real pleasure to do so in 2016.  Thanks to all the presenters - Kevin, Phil, Lorrie and Bob - and all those who came early to set up: Cathy, Rob, Doug and Janice.




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Thanks for the write up and the pics.  Both workshops were attended by very enthusiastic groups of paddlers.   For those members who would like a chance to be a part of the series, we still need help for the up coming pool session May 8th and then the lake session at the end of May.  Send me a pm if interested. 

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