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SKUK (NDK) Mini-Hatch


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Tom Berg and I went through this exercise over the past 2 years and my research found the following. The deck fittings are actually improperly placed for the mini hatch in front of the cockpit. I have seen photos of the bungies crossing directly over the hatch when installed with the mini hatch. If that doesn't bother you and you don't care about having a secure place for a chart, than go for it. A re-design of the deck mold is needed to have the bungies properly placed with the new hatch installed. I also hear the the compartment under the deck is too large and gets in the way of your legs. 

P&H designed their boats with the mini hatch exclusively in mind and placed the deck fittings in the proper location. It is an after thought with the new hatch and the old NDK decks. As far as I know they have not changed the mold and it's not known if and when it will happen. My guess is that it won't occur as Nigel is now busy building all the TIDERACE boats in his factory.


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