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Kayakers Curing Muscle Cramps


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Two local scientists/kayakers have figured out that muscle cramps are caused by over-firing neurons and they're developing a product to treat.


It's also an interesting scenario - clearly they made it back to shore, but I would love to know if they did something special to paddle back with the cramps.

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Very promising start of the video: Brilliant guys who are kayakers in New England...a perfect recipe for greatness :-). But in the end.....just a well done commercial to hype us crampers up :-((. I'll stick with a glass of tonic (w or w/o gin) and magnesium pills. I can get that for a couple of bucks. I'll be curious to see how much they charge for their product...Nobel prize be damned!


Andy (= Cramper in Chief)

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A glass of Schweppes (no vested interest here) tonic water has enough quinine to help with nocturnal cramps - not in everyone and in every condition but in many enough. Unfortunately, it's no longer enough as malaria prophylaxis, but it used to be many (mosquito-) generations ago.

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