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Thanks to John Huth...


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Thanks to John Huth, today nineteen NSPNer's took a highly educational, amusing and informative voyage through weather, wind and waves - ending up in the Marshall Islands getting a crash course in navigating by ocean swell.  This five hour event, held in the Community Room at REI, was - as is the case with all of John's talks - a great success.  Add to the knowledge gained the chance to socialize with others and to snack on some of the treats provided by various attendees - most notably Janice's blueberry banana bread - and, well, you have a most excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I can share a few aphorisms proffered by John to help those who weren't in attendance with their weather forecasting.



As for this, well, you just had to be there to understand how Botticelli is relevant to making sense of one's environment when at sea in a small skinny boat...



But seriously, many thanks to John for giving his time and sharing some of his rather staggering amount of knowledge about the world around us.  Looking forward to the next time, whenever it is.


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You're quite welcome!    If there's a way to upload slides to this website, please let me know and I'll do so.   I can't attach anything as they're way over the limit for posting.   

BTW - as for writing - Feb 29th at 13:05 - this morning was a SW wind, mackerel scales and mares tails.   Now it looks like altostratus clouds moving in - lowering cloud bank. 



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Many thanks to John Huth for this great presentation. It is so educational and scientific, and also practical for future outdoor activities. Would like to precise what I have learned while more to be digested in. A link or dropbox to the slides could be very helpful. 

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I think think this should work.   Inside the folder are two powerpoint files - one on weather, one on waves.   They have links into the animations/videos, so if you run it directly from the same location as the associated files, you'll pick up the animations (or just copy them over):  




If there are any problems, please let me know. 


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