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Two Lost Navy Boats Stray into Iranian Waters?


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Hmm, it’s hard to figure out how two U.S. Navy boats got lost in Iranian waters. Maybe the guys couldn’t, but you’d think that at least the young lady would know how to navigate.

If need be, I’ll donate my little handheld GPS and a deck compass. Anyone else? I also recommend that the sailors study John’s book as a backup for those "mechanical problems".

Just sayin’



Pouring rain and lightening now in south FLA


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Here's the Navy report.

Wow, this report leaves out more than it says. Assuming one RCB was dead in the water why didn’t the other one initiate a tow? Wouldn’t these sailors know their location (surely they do have GPS’s and other navigational equipment)! Why did they stray from the planned course? Who fixed the mechanical problems so that could leave Farsi Island? Did the sailors see the Iranians removing the SIM cards? Did they see any other equipment tampered with? Why didn’t the Navy ask these questions when the rescued sailors were aboard the cruiser and aircraft carrier? The whole story is full of holes. I have no idea of what happened but I can smell the coming conspiracy theories.

Just wonderin’


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