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Cohassett to Newburyport - camping (and other) suggestions


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So, the usual winter day dreaming, but planning.

I'm tying to put together a kind of 'urban' tour that includes Boston Harbor. I plan on starting in Cohassett and taking a multi-day trip to Newburyport.

If people have suggestions for good places to visit along the way, and, most importantly, accessible places to camp, or I suppose even a motel/Inn with access to the beach, I'd appreciate it.

I've only looked closely at the Cohassett to Boston Harbor - there are a lot of places to explore - the reversing falls in Cohassett, Little Harbor, the Life Saving Museum in Hull, the Boston light house, and then camp on one of the Harbor Islands.

Going up the coast, there are other possibilities, but since this is probably *the* group to ask, I thought I'd solicit suggestions for a kind of urban/suburban kayak camping tour.

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That's a pretty cool trip idea. I've been looking for a place to stealth camp in Cohasset Harbor, and so far there is the big sandy beach just past the breakwater. I think Cohasset residents camp out there in the summer. There's also a potential spot near Briggs Harbor, but you're really out in the open for prying eyes and would need to be very discreet. Another option if you could figure out how to get permission would be Black Rock but it's probably privately owned as there is a small cottage on it.

Next option would be the Nantasket Beach resort right on Nantasket, but during the summer the life guards aren't going to want a kayak in their swim zone. You could land after 5pm when the life guards depart, and then portage and launch on the Bay\Weir river side. I've done this with a paddle board, started out of Cohasset Harbor portaged across by the Nantasket Beach resort and paddled around Hull through the gut back to Cohasset. Accessing the Bay side would give you access to lots of camping options on Bumpkin and Grape. I'm not sure about Peddock's Island but you can camp on Lovell for sure. I've also camped on Great Brewster both on and off season, lots of nice spots but also lots of trash. So that would be the southern half, hope it helps, I've been wanting to connect the dots and paddle from the south shore up to the north shore but have yet to get on it. Hope you can get it to work out.

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that sounds like an awesome trip, if you wind up posting it to all, I would def be interested.

I'd actually be interested in a winter tour/camp trip of the boston harbour islands as well, mabe 1 or 2 nights if anyone else would be interested.


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From Lovels in Boston Harbor it's a good 30 miles to the next "official" campsite on Thatchers off Rockport. Don't know of any beach side hotels in the Natasket to Marblehead stretch if you wanted a shorter day, but there are some AirBnB rooms near the water. Maybe leave the boat at one of the marina's or yacht clubs for the night and walk up to your BnB? I was looking at doing this in legs last August, but then the surf came up so I went surfing for the week instead.



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Yes, Phil, that's the sticking point I ran into. I was looking at Lovels for the first night, then a night somewhere, then, Thatcher Island , but need to fill in the gap.

I'll nose around and see what I can find, meanwhile suggestions continue to be welcome.

Assuming I do get this to work, I'll publish up a trip report, with what one might visit on the way, that kind of thing.

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