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Interesting: Seven Kayak Facts You Didn't Know


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If I'm not paddling then I'm probably sailing or biking. Otherwise, I might be reading about one or the other.

This is an interesting article. I already knew a few of the facts discussed in the article.


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Oskar Speck may also have been the first paddler receiving commercial sponsoring of an expedition:

After it became known in Germany that Speck was on this impromptu expedition (he actually just wanted to paddle to Cyprus to find work after he lost his job as an electrician during the worldwide economic crisis but then decided that Australia might be a better choice than Cyprus and paddled on: One hell, or rather one heaven of a commute to work, if you ask me), the maker of his folding kayak, Pionier Faltboot Werft, sent him 4 folding kayaks to get him through to Australia. After he was released by Australian authorities after WW II, he made his living as an opal trader in Australia.

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