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Odiorne Saturday: nothing but rocks


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This last Saturday three of us (Peter B, Dave L, and moi) met at Odiorne for a mellow paddle. My two companions suited up and donned helmets and so I followed suit. The plan was to paddle no further than Wallis Sands and sample Rye rocks along the way. Tide was low and as we noodled along the challenges were mild, even though I managed to leave more gel coat behind. After a pleasant lunch on the beach at Wallis Sands the tide changed and some of us were able to catch a wave or so and surf back in before returning the way we came. Now the same rocks were a bit more challenging with more water rolling and breaking on them. I did as much as, in the words of our former president, was prudent and observed Peter and Dave who were more skilled than I on some of the bigger challenges. I did learn that timing is everything in rock gardeneing and given that mine is not great, confident that I avoided the the ones I might not handle well. When we returned to the enrance of Lil Harbor Peter suggest going out to Whaleback which was glisteneing still in the low sun's light. Crossing the Piscataqua mouth and then stopping briefly at Wood Island (which Kittery private donations and government grants are scheduled to help refurbish) we headed back to Lil Harbor paddling directly into the falling sun and a black sea carefully avoiding the same black ridges and reefs that were so visable earlier in the day. Even with rising water about 3:30PM we all hit the sand bar before making the turn into Witch Creek. An extremely enjoyable day spent with wonderful companions. If this is December paddling, I hope for more.

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