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Friday Nov. 27th Gerrish Circumnavigation


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Thanks for putting this trip together, Gene. It was a really nice Black Friday to be out on the water instead of battling crouds or sitting in front of a computer. Here are some random photos of the bigger seas we encountered:











Time for lunch:


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Gerrish/Cutts circumnavigation never disappoints. Black Friday was no exception. Winds were strong 13k to 20k gusts from the SW so we elected to paddle North on the ocean side first benefiting from a quartering push and following seas. The trip around Gerrish provides alternatives: paddle 1000 yards from shore and you're immune to breaking rollers; paddle within 200 yards of shore and because of the shallows you better have good bracing skills; and then there's the allure of the rocks. Brave Boat harbor usually has some surf to bring us in, but not this time. After a lunch break around a corner sheltered from the wind we headed back via the marsh and Chauncey Creek. Even though we were paddling southwards we were in the lee for most of the trip until arriving back at the Piscataqua and entering Pepperrell Cove. this was at most a half mile but saw the brunt of the SW wind. The air was so mild I felt we were paddling in North Carolina. Thanks to all who eschewed "shopping" yesterday to join me on a favorite paddle. Parenthetically, I didn't take pictures, not because of the big seas, but I lose so much time that I then need to catch up and I'm not good at sprinting. Some day I'll get a GoPro!

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