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Commitment Issues


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The following comments are gleaned directly from the "trips" forum of NSPN. As organizer/initiator, which paddlers do you want joining you?


I'm interested in joining in

I might be interested.

Sounds fun

Please put me on your "very interested" list!

I'm definitely interested. Put me down on the "Hopefully" list.

I am very interested, please put me on the "Will try very hard to make it happen"-list.

I am very interested, but ………….

I’m interested! Sounds fun

So far we have 4 probables and 3 maybes.

………. so far I'm a very strong maybe

I'm a definite maybe...

*Raises hand*

I too am interested, but not fully committed yet.

I am also almost fully committed!

I am pretty sure I can go, it sounds great!


I would like to join you on this trip. See you in the morning.

Count me in. I will be there.

I plan to be there. I'll PM details.

I am confirming that I will join you for the paddle.

I plan to be there!




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The following kayaker usually shows up early:

You can bet on it that with a measure of certainty I will most likely join you; that is, if my spouse's family hopefully leaves on time and my loaned-out kayak is soon returned and I don’t forget to remember again.

-Leon (probably)

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On the other hand my favorite type of response to a trip I propose is when Igor (who I don’t know) says,

That’s a great trip proposal. Sounds like a fine way to spend a day. I would love to join. How far is it and when would we get off of the water? Will you be rowing too fast for me? How cold is the water there?

Sorry I can’t make it. I need to buy a kayak and oars first.


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