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dry suit repair question


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I just discovered a leak in my dry suit at the taping of my lower back. I'm reluctant to use aqua seal because it seems to harden when dry and I'm afraid it will chafe.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Should I just use a very light coat of it?



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Karen - DON'T use aquaseal unless you want to void your warranty. Once you aquaseal over an area (or any sealant), Kokatat can no longer review that area for delamination.

Of course, you might be at the point with your 16 year old drysuit (purchased 1999) that it is just worn out! If you find after you send it back in that it just needs patching again, then probably it isn't likely to be delaminated and then you could have at it with the aquaseal as needed the next time it needs patching.

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