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NSPN Sullivan Falls Tidal and Moving Water Training with Pinniped Kayak Sept.10

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Sherry Smith and I have arranged for Nate Hanson and Pinniped Kayaks to be available for professional training at Sullivan Reversing Falls near Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. ME , on Thursday Sept 10th.

This is the day before the NSPN Downeast Retreat at Bar Harbor, and is an opportunity to paddle in this great moving water spot with professional instruction.

$140 per person: if 6 NSPN ers sign up (we have three definite so far) it will be $125/ person .

Sullivan Falls is a constriction in the Sullivan River north of Frenchmans Bay, an area about the size of a football field; active on both the incoming and outgoing tides (ie all day). Because of its small area and safety (the water smooths out just beyond the falls, and practically no boat traffic, and there is a launch ramp and picnic area right there) it is an awesome place to practice and have fun in moving water. Piinniped Kayak Co. is based in Ellsworth, only fifteen minutes away, and Nate is a master at teaching at this venue for both experienced paddlers and those new to moving water . Sherry and I have both been in classes here where Nate has taken paddlers who had never paddled in moving water before, all of whom came away with added confidence and skill.

From Nate:
I can work with as few as 2 people, though more is nice. Above 4 people I bring another instructor for classes at Sullivan (Mark Schoon or Michael Daugherty or Chris Audet).

Current on the 10th will flooding until 11:30, with a good area for introducing eddy turns, and good surfing for more advanced paddlers right off the near-side eddy. Then we'll have a moderately big ebb developing through the afternoon. There are lots of micro environments for working on fundamentals, as well as some moderate and very challenging venues to challenge advanced tidal current paddlers.

if we have at least 5 students I will bring a second instructor, and that will really allow us to offer various levels of instruction. As people register, I ask that they send me a deposit for $70. (Checks payable to Pinniped Kayak, 61 Toashuh Way, Ellsworth, ME 04605) If they like they can also fill out pre trip forms and include those in the envelope. “

If you wish to sign up, communicate directly with Nate Hanson.



If you have any additional questions you can contact Sherry or me by PM (PeterB and SSmith on the message board.

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Thank you Sherry and Peter for arranging this! I look forward to working with all of you in a few weeks.

Feel free to call or email me if you have questions about how this course will work for you. My number is 207-669-2174, or pinnipedkayak@gmail.com

Thanks, Nate

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