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Last Minute Lane's Cove to Rockport - Monday 8/17/15


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For those who doubt that I can - and those numbers may be legion - this is to prove that I am capable of writing a brief trip report - sans photos. Do not, however, be lulled into thinking that I intend to make this a habit!

Dave Merriman and I (and our three titanium knees) launched onto the flat calm waters of Lane's Cove, turned right, and paddled v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y (entirely my fault as I have one of those wretched summer colds coming on) toward Rockport. Past Halibut Point, where teeny wavelets lapped at the rocks. Water and sky were that thick, still, white/gray/blue dog days of summer color, one blending into the other. A faint breeze picked up as we headed toward Rockport Harbor. Pulled up on the mini beach (high tide approaching) by the kayak rental place, where we met Dave's lovely wife, Peggy, for a quick lunch (consumed standing in a sliver of shade in the parking lot above the beachlet). We got a good view of the shirtless and fit young lads at the kayak place running across the entire fleet of floating boats - a feat that in my younger days with the fate of the world hanging in the balance I could never have accomplished...

Then back onto the water to return to our starting point. If it can be be believed, I think I went even more slowly... Indeed, the next speed down would have been going backwards... By now, a bit of wind and chop. We hugged the rocky coast, riding tiny swells next to the rocks. I have never seen so many people actually swimming, or at least dipping their toes into the water, along this route. We saw yappy little dogs. We attempted to chat brightly with a woman taking a rest from a real swim (goggles, snorkle, and free style stroking) but she would have none of our friendly chatter.

Two rolls each in Folly Cove, then back to Lane's Cove, landing amidst a flotilla of paddle boarders.

We were cool and refreshed. A lovely way to spend an official heat wave day. Wish more of you could have bailed on work and joined us!


...and maybe my next trip report goal should be a haiku!

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Dear Pru,

I love your trip reports, whether short or long. Would you write a trip report for moi if you went on one of my thrice or more weekly trips? For instance, yesterday I paddled solo from Lanes Cove to Milk Island and then turned back and paddled to Annisquam Light (for a cooling swim) and then returned to Lanes. I can’t think of anything to write home about it except that landing on the small sliding stones of Milk Island is non-trivial.


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Sir Christopher, my trip was Monday and weren't you out there on Tuesday? Nevertheless, I launched around 1030 and returned to the cove probably around 1600. Ironically, my original plan was for a full circumnav but I began to run low on water at Milk Island (a leaking camelbak thingie) so I turned back. A lobsterman gave me a water bottle.


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