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Circumnavigate Crane Beach 8.15.2015


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Pablo d.T., Jeff C., Hill T. , Dave C., Dan F., Doug W., Tonia C., Liz N., David M., Nat M., Peter B. and Al C. launched on a beautiful warm day with very light wind from Pavillon Beach in Ipswich about 2.5 hours before high tide at just after 10 AM.

During the breach briefing there was a discussion of which bearing to take off the beach to deal with the significant flow of water into the Parker and Ipswich Rivers. One group suggested heading out past the day marker towards the distant Halibut Point while another felt we could paddle close to direct to the tree covered bluff below the Crane Estate. We seemed to cover all the bearings in between those two limits which close to the same results. It should be noted that the flow was not nearly as strong as some of the group had experienced on previous launches about this time relative to high tide.

We were a surprisingly homogenous for a group of this size. While we strung out a bit, short breaks brought the group together. The only problems came from the un-leader who managed to never make a correct statement. He stopped the group just before rounding the first sand bar along Cranes carefully describing the situation around the tip of Cranes even though it was still a half-hour away. He excitedly pointed out a British Air 747 which in fact was a small American Airlines jet. He carefully identify plastic "no wake" buoys as "channel markers" and later on managed to identify plastic "no boat" buoys as "channel markers". However, the other 11 members of the flotilla seemed to have their heads on straight and the trip was without incident.

While the backside of Cranes was expectantly crowded, we found a nice lunch spot 1/4 mile down from the tip. As Peter pointed out, Fox Creek was easy to find at high water level. A too-high motor boat fouled its prop making a u-turn as it approach us and the bridge. We later helped them clear it. There was also a few boats going too fast. In each case the lead paddlers indicated their unhappiness with this inappropriate behavior.

After a quick stop at the old PT Boat boatyard it was decided that due to predicted thunderstorms it would be unwise to do a second circumnavigation and we headed for takeout. We were surprised by whistling from Pavilion Beach and the very wide "no swim zone" that we had violated. Completely chastised and embarrassed, we landed about 2 PM

Thanks everyone for a great day,


PS. On the drive home on Route 95 near Lynnfield I was hit by one of the strongest rains I have experienced. It only last one minute but the two cars in front of me managed to do significant damage to each other as they slammed on their brakes. Anyone else get hit by a storm? Glad we got off the water when we did.

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Nice TR! This is on my bucket list--just haven't coordinated it as I'd like to do it with someone who has done it before. Aside from the stuck boat, how was the other boat traffic in Fox Creek? Last year my SO and I encountered some folks on Jet skis FLYING through the creek. At least you can hear them coming, but dang.

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Fox Creek has never been an actual problem for me. Yes, on some trips you can see/hear some other boats approaching at too high a speed, but most slow down when they see you or slow down when you raise your paddles before they can see your boat. Often there is a officer sitting in a boat about 1/3 of the way through on weekends and that has put a damper on things. I would not hesitate to take the trip due to Fox Creek. Just anticipate an occasional fast mover and get your paddles up. Most people, as everywhere, are thoughtful and respectful.

Other opinions?


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