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MSR stove stiff supporting legs


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The supporting legs on my 10 years + MSR stove are stiff to move. I would like to lubricate the leg joints but am reluctant to use any lubricate so close to the stove's body.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to make the stove's legs less stiff?


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(Apologies, Leslie: I could not resist. You probably need someone with two degrees -- metallurgy <and> physiotherapy?)

What about simple manipulation (metallurgical physio., then...)? Good luck with this: it might not be such a bad thing, though?

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What model msr is it? Some will come apart but are a bit of a puzzle to reassemble. I would start with a little white gas to try and loosen up the legs, should work to break up whatever is gunking them up. Let it sit for a few minutes so the gas evaporates before trying to fire it up. If it still seems like it needs a little lubricant (not the social kind) I'd use a little coconut oil or olive oil and wipe off any excess. Good luck!

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If it were we, I would try the following. I can't guarantee this this the right thing to do.

WD 40 .... Spray some on, let it sit a few minutes, try to move the legs. Spray again and try to work the lubricant into the areas that are frozen by manipulating the moving parts. It's important to get the WD 40 to penetrate the locked up hinges. Once repaired, wipe off excess lubricant.


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