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Moonlight paddle, the eve of The Fourth...


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It seems that the "designated person" (she didn't necessarily agree to the task, mind) is not going to rise to the occasion, so I shall write this small trip up myself (Gosh, KR: it was very hard work <posting> the trip, so now you make me do this, too?)

Ten of us collected in Lanes Cove between 1800 and 1830 (six and six-thirty for those for whom this is difficult) -- it would have been more; but someone had to cancel (SnoocLa), one had said he was a "maybe" (Nosaj) and one simply failed to show (We did give you an extra quarter-of-an-hour, NasYcnan -- you were missed and I think we all have seen your Facebook post) Curiously, several of the company had already been out on the water, practising whatever...Strokes? Rescues? Expedition ergonomics and group management, perhaps? No one told <me>!)

After a quick referendum, we turned right out of the cove and set forth on calm waters for the lost city of Rockport and were treated to a subtle and delicate sunset, rather than a dramatic one. There were a few people out on the rocks, east of Lanesville, enjoying the evening and, since Phil, Lorrie and I could not resist some <little> rock-play en route, we were even afforded an opportunity to observe natural history for ourselves. It was a thoroughly peaceful paddle northeastwards, around the corner and thence downhill to our destination (Well, it <is> downhill, isn't it? You can see it is on the maps -- oops: I mean on the chart!) A solitary sailing yacht was making

for anchorage in front of us, off Front Beach, where there were a dozen or so yachts "over-nighting". Did we see any other traffic? Hardly a thing! We paddled into the old harbor just about at full darkness and at low water. Moonrise was to be at 2107.

The <intention> of this jaunt was apparently to feed on ice-cream on Bearskin Neck; but -- as far as I can make out -- only one or two of our company actually indulged(?) Some of us munched on jerky, energy bars or other nourishing goodies, while the natives wondered aloud whether this was an invasion! Our arrival <had> caused some consternation among the populace! (Perhaps it was merriment?)

It was nice and dark for our return and one or two paddlers broke open their light sticks with which to adorn their bows -- very pretty, they were, too. About fifteen minutes into the return trip, I remember saying to Katherine, paddling next to me: "We should be seeing the moon any moment" -- and behold! Up it rose, over our right shoulders, all red and smouldering! Gorgeous. It was short-lived, though, as it disappeared behind a high layer of cloud; but it did reveal itself again, later, once we had rounded Andrews Point. We had absolutely no problem with visibility: it was a bright night and we were accompanied, also, by plenty of phosphorescence, all the way.

Along the north shore of Massachusetts and the New Hampshire coast, we could see fireworks everywhere; but those in Gloucester harbor were just a glow over the hump of Cape Ann.

It was around 2300 when we arrived back in Lanes Cove, where the tide was now at high water: no lugging of kayaks back up the sand...

I think everyone enjoyed themselves: it was the first time that two of us had ventured out at night and I know <they> enjoyed themselves. Thank you, Katherine, ShariG, the combined team of Allens (Lorrie and Phil), the combined team of Williamses (Beth and Bob), Sherry Smith, JaniceC, and JudyW, for a marvellous evening on the sea!

(What did I miss?)

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Oh! Apologies: Katherine referred to there being two reports -- now I see there <ARE>, indeed, two reports -- oh, dear. How stupid of me. I had no idea -- I think that the website is often slow to upload and, in frustration, one hits the "enter" button more than once -- I apologize, Katherine, for denying you, elsewhere!

(Didn't you say the same thing, recently?)

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