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Outer Cape

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As far as I recollect, from many years ago, when we used to paddle down there, you need to drive slightly northwards (actually westwards), past and beyond the town landing and dock, there is a small beach access, available for put-in, straight onto Wellfleet Bay (or whatever it is called). Parking is easy (or was) and quite secure.

Have fun: it is a beautiful place!

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I paddled Nauset Marsh last summer, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Definitely watch the tides, although I hit it on the low side and was able to get around reasonably well. One thing--the charts I found online from NOAA do not represent what is there now. The northern part of the spit is blown out, and the currents there are spicy, so you'll want to avoid the mouth. Best map I could find here: http://www.capecodtimes.com/article/20131218/NEWS/312180327

You'll see lots of seals, which is cool. I put in at Salt Pond, decent amount of parking there.

Have fun!

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An excellent place to put in is Hemenway landing in Eastham. The Tides run about 3 hours behind.

Probably the best route is the northern route going clockwise around the perimeter of the marsh just 'below' Coast Guard Beach.

As other folks have mentioned the currents can run fast in a few places at various, unpredictable points. It's probably most safe to try to stay on the western side of the break once you get there. If the tide is coming in - so much the better.

Have a great time and watch the currents. It's is a beautiful place for seals, the vistas and birding especially near Coast Guard beach. There is a tern island on the southern end of the marsh which in the past was pretty spectacular for the number of terns.


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Regarding paddling out of Wellfleet Harbor. Tides are only about 10 mins after Boston.

If you think you will not be going out or in at dead low, a very pretty put in is just over the Herring River on the Chequessett Neck Rd. Take a left immediately after the bridge and prepare yourself for a short bumpy ride. Park as far from the water as you can since the tide could swamp your car at the exact put in site.

Once on the water, travelling south, you can paddling along the eastern edge of Great Island, Great Beach Hill, up into that estuary and continue south to Jeremy Point. The currents are pretty benign but you might feel it between Jeremy point and Billingsgate Island just farther to the south.

You can go west after Jeremy point and try to paddle north into Pamet Harbor which is a very picturesque Harbor.

If you plan to paddle on Monday July 12 or 13, let me know and I might join you.

Send me a person message through the website.


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