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Kayak/Surf-ski Wizard Joe Glickman Dies of Pancreatic Cancer


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Joe Glickman is the author of numerous books, videos and articles about kayaking: For instance, "Fearless: One Woman” about Freya and this great video about surf-skis and racing. I was lucky enough to occasionally meet and kid around with Joe at Blackburn Challenge and NYC Mayor’s Cup races. Here’s a nice memorable write-up about Joe.

RIP fellow kayaker.


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Hi Leon,

Thank you for posting this notice. I had the pleasure of paddling with Joe and Oscar many moons ago. Oscar was offering a forward strokes class for Charles River and there was only about 3-5 students. I was the only one who was not a beginner. Joe and Oscar were so funny, telling jokes back and forth that it was difficult to paddle because I was laughing so hard. One joke Joe told me, " What's the Brooklyn alphabet?" The answer can not be printed here but it is funny enough that I still laugh.

Plus, that man could write a story about kayaking like none other.

What a loss.

Didn't he and Oscar paddle a tandem surf ski at the last Blackburn? Or was that the year before?


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Didn't he and Oscar paddle a tandem surf ski at the last Blackburn? Or was that the year before?

Hi, Dr. Les,

Yes, the Tandem entry was last year.

Oscar mentioned in the first place award speech that Joe was paddling amazingly fast for someone who was in the midst of chemo treatments. He also joked that Joe beat him to the finish line, but only because Joe sat in the front cockpit.

Joe’s speech was typical “Glicker” humor. But he did mention that he was fighting cancer. Most of the competitors shed a tear upon hearing that.

I took this picture of both of them at the awards ceremony. For those of you who don’t know, Oscar is wearing the orange cap.



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