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Temporary Roof Rack Help


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Swapped my 10 year old Accord for a 2015 Subaru Legacy but kept the Thule rack. Unfortunately, after speaking with Thule I found out they will not have a fit kit for the 2015 Legacy for a while (4-6 weeks?). Looking for temporary solutions. Ideas? Here is one:


Thanks for any help,


PS. Watch out for http://www.autoanything.com. They promise delivery of a 2015 Thule Rack by April 1, yet Thule does not even have it yet! Their reviews are full of stories of poor service. Anybody know about this company?

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When we were in Shetland in 2004, our rental car had no racks so we improvised a solution that did not require buying new gear. We had brought regular gray foam saddles: we placed directly on top of the roof and ran a long strap over the boat and through the inside of the car side-to-side. No need to fix them to the roof: the closed doors kept the straps in place.

After a learning event at speed, however, we found it necessary to take a turn around the deck line with the strap fore and aft to maintain the boat's directional stability e.g. keep it from skating askew in the wind. We also took a turn around the rails on the vehicle that had them to keep the strap in place, but the vehicle without rails didn't seem to have issues.

Worked a charm for two boats per vehicle over the two weeks we were there--and we did a fair amount of driving, albeit not at high speeds given typical Shetland roads.


There was one problem: the day that two of our party elected to put into a sandy beach in Bay of Scousburgh near Loch Spigge and remain there due to Force 5 winds. After crossing the tombolo at St. Ninian's Isle and paddling north to the put in, we retrieved them but didn't get quite all the sand off the hulls before hoisting the boats onto our inprovised racks. Beach sand under the foam cradles proved to be an effective abrasive so the roof had a shiny patch when we returned them to the rental agency. You could have the same issue with any solution such as the Malone inflatables.




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