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I have always brought a head net camping and rarely need it EXCEPT on a trip to Newfoundland where it lived at the top of my day hatch and was brought out as soon as land was close- 1/2 a mile or so. The black flies were terrible and I the head net was always on or in my pocket. I will bring it again this trip.

Question - can anyone recommend a bug shirt that would go over clothes that perhaps zipped on an off? Something that the head allowed for easy on/off or perhaps has a flap for eating?

Lorrie, you had a great one that seemed to fit the bill but I can't find a similar one online.

I do use the permethrin soak for my camp clothes but those sneaky black fly don't really appear to be deterred by it and like to sneak in any opening and under a head net.

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I'd love to hear if there's an answer for this.

The best I've managed is a Pendleton wool shirt that I just button all the way to the top button - the thickness of the fabric seems to cut down on the buggers who sneak inside. After one trip through Quebec, however, the inside of my bug hat had had tons of little red splotches where I'd pinched to death some black flies that had already gorged on me. Clearly not a foolproof solution.

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Julie - that is one of the ones I had found online. not quite what I had in mind though.

This is another idea:


and this one:

Neither is like Lorrie's.

John - I agree - thick wool works but not around the edges - a head net works except it always seems to lift and let them in the back.

I do a lot of cooking where I am bent over and stirring pots and such - they seem to sneak in under the shirt and inside the clothes and around the hands where they are exposed. The hot stoves seem to attract them too.

I am really hoping that someone has a miracle shirt that I can buy!

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I use an extra large anorak windbreaker, the kind LL BEAN sold tons of in the 80s and 90s. Get it a few sizes too big and pull it on when you get out of your paddling clothes. The large size and big front zip make it easy to get on. Also works great to dry out layers underneath because it's so breathable while staying cozy. The long sleeves can be pulled down to cover hands as well. With the hood up and a head net on it works really well. Ironically the one I have is a Kokotat piece.

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Julie found this one http://www.buzzoffoutdoorwear.com/products.htm#hunting_clothesAnyone have any experience with them?

Unfortunately they have such a terrible website that you can't even see the images of the jacket. I did a little google search to find a review of the product and found this:


Unless someone comes up with another choice, I will buy one to see if it looks like a good candidate.
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Lorrie's is about 10 years old at this point. We picked it up from H20 Outfitters for our first kayak camping trip. They now sell one of the ones linked to above so I think hers is no longer available. I had one as well, but the zipper died in a few years from salt water corrosion.



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I have a friend in Wisconsin who hunts and fishes in the north country. Here is his advice:

"Seriously…I use cigars. The smoke keeps them away from your head and face and the cigar goes well with a beer at the end of the day.

When I went to the tundra of Hudson Bay where they are notorious I bought a bug shirt (https://www.bugshirt.com and used that alternatively a head net. I also soaked a neck kerchief and my fishing hat with heavy duty bug stuff designed for penetrating clothes. It probably wasn't too healthy but I wasn't carried away by bugs."
I suggest all of the above.
Also, I wear an oversized paddling jacket (breathable) and gortex pants. So, I only really need to protect my head and hands. I made a mosquito net that fits over my Tilley hat, long enough to go down my back and I slip my arms through. A little slit to eat through - with a velcro closing between bites.
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Ended up getting the Sea to Summit as I was at KTP and they had in stock. Tried on the medium and I think it will work. Bought the L for my husband and Jason bought the XL. Hoping that it will be too cold for the black fly to come out.

I can't believe I said that! Definitely decided i would rather be cold than bitten alive. Just can't stand black fly as I am definitely one of the people that reacts to their bites.

Liz - don't think I could handle the headaches from cigar smoking to ascertain if the cigar method works!

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Quick synopsis... One in the group will be writing a trip report. He hasn't yet done so. I'm not a very good writer so I avoid it whenever possible.

Best news is that the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland (Quirpon Island is the most northern tip), seems not to have ANY black flies at the beginning of June. All the locals told us that but we were skeptical but really had none. Mosquitoes were barely existent, but perhaps just that it was so COLD that they weren't out yet.

I will write a quick report on our trip and post it on the message board shortly. Suffice to say - on the Northern Peninsula there will be more trips by our group of paddlers! We really loved it and especially so because there were NO bugs!

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