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Run of the Charles race

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Wondering if the Run of the Charles (9 mile) race is a one way with shuttles or does it start and stop from the same location? My firewall won't let me get race info and sign up sheets.

If one way, what is the protocol?


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Unless I remember wrong the 9-mile ROTC race is one way and has one portage. That's why I've always done the six-miler. I don't know if there are shuttle arrangements.



Anyone, please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Sorry to be so late checking the board, but...

No shuttle that I know of. Looking at the map you launch near the old CRCK place (Norembega duck feeding area) to Artesani Park in Brighton. There are 3 portages: Moody St. Dam, Bleachery Dam, Watertown Dam. It may well be possible to manage transport with another racer, of course.

The 6 mile race is the only one that starts and stops at the same place - Artesani Park in Brighton. It is well to arrive early, as parking can be difficult - although with the late thaw this year maybe the race will be less crowded than usual, hard to tell.

Note that all 5 races all end at Artesani Park.


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