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Reminder - 303 BEFORE you try on your drysuit


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Common issue - you take your drysuit out of the closet for the first of the season and quickly try it on to see that it still fits/gaskets in good condition. Then you blow a gasket.

Gaskets are DRY after sitting unused for months on end in the closet. Use 303 on the gasket BEFORE you try it on for the season. This one tiny thing can save you time and money long term.

Gasket replacement is expensive and even for the DIY person, it is worthwhile to do a little maintenance to avoid replacements...

The general recommendation is to 303 every 4-6 weeks. Spray the 303 on a cotton rag, wipe on the gasket both inside and out and rub it in until it is dry and shiny.


Gaskets from Kokatat cost $39 for a neck, $17 for a wrist. A little preventive maintenance will save you money long term.

(Kokatat charges $69 for a neck replacement and $37.50 for a wrist replacement)

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While 303 will help to preserve the seals, the best way to prevent tearing them is to apply talc to the insides of the seals before you put the suit on. The seals will slip easily over your wrists, head and ankles, dramatically reducing the stress placed on them, not to mention eliminating a lot of hair pulling and swearing. ;)

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