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Cancelled - Salmon Falls River Trip - Any Interest??


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Hi Folks,

There's been a delay in getting the details regarding this trip posted to the calendar. If you are interested, please post your interest here and send me an e-mail with requested information below. The trip is scheduled for the afternoon to take advantage of the flood/ebb. Below are more details.

Salmon Falls River Trip

June 26, 2005

1:30pm Launch

This is a level 3 trip that will take us from Dover Point up the Piscataqua and Salmon Falls Rivers. Salmon Falls is a lovely, rural river. North of the RT 101 bridge, homes along the side of the river give way to pastures and forests. There will be a planned stop at the RT101 Bridge Launch site and potential stop at Hamilton House/Vaughn Woods State Park. Hamilton House is a historic New England property. More information can be found at http://www.spnea.org/visit/homes/hamilton.htm. Mileage could exceed 10nm, plus current at put-in/take out classifies as a level 3. Trip duration about 5.5-6 hours. Group size limited to 8. Leader: Paula Riegel, Assistant TBD. RSVP to Paula Riegel at fatcat@metrocast.net and include the following info:

1) Your Name;

2) Your ACA/NSPN member # and expiration date. If you have not yet received your ACA/NSPN card, forward a copy of the email acknowledging receipt of your application. If you are participating as a guest, state that you will be bringing the two waiver forms will be paying the required ACA fee specified on the waiver form.

3) a description of your boat (color, length, make);

4) an emergency contact for the day of the trip (name and phone#);

5) a way for the Trip Leader to contact you in the 36 hours before the trip (email and telephone)

6) if the Trip Leader does not already know you, include your "paddling resume", i.e., a brief description of your paddling experience. This can include recent NSPN trips you have been on, members or Leaders you regularly paddle with, classes taken, practice sessions attended, assessments completed, etc. It need not be more than a few sentences

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