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Emergency Contact for Iphone.


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If you carry you Iphone with you in your boat it would be a good idea to add an Emergency contact to your phone (or know how to access others).

With the new OS upgrade for apple that was just released they added a way to add Emergency contact information to the phone even with it locked. This link should help in setting it up (or showing you how to find the information if you may need to):


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Asking Siri who the phone belongs to only works if the phone is set up that way. If you ask Siri without proper set up, it will respond with "I don't know who this phone belongs to"

To set up:

You must first make sure you are set up as a contact in your contacts.

Then go to Settings > General > Siri > My Info and tap your name from contacts.

From the Apple Manual:
Be sure to include your home and work addresses, and your relationships.
Note: Location information isn’t tracked or stored outside iPhone. If you don’t want to use
Location Services, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to turn it off. You can still use Siri,
but Siri won’t be able to do anything that requires knowing your location.
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