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2015 Prince William Sound, Alaska


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NSPN Community,

Is anyone planning to camp in Prince William Sound, Alaska next summer, and more specifically the southwestern section of PWS?

Could those who have local knowledge of the southwestern section of Prince William Sound, PM me? I am particularly interested in locating camping sites on the west side of Knight Island as well as any experience with camp sites at the following locations;

1. Bainbridge Point on Bainbridge Island,
2. Gaanaak Cove in Icy Bay,
3. Dual Head in Whale Bay,
4. South of Jackpot Island near Jackpot Peak,
5. Squire Point on Squire Island,
6. Horseshoe Bay SMP on Latouche Island,
7. Point Norwell at the north end of Dangerous Passage.

It is my understanding there are no suitable camp sites for a team of five/six campers anywhere in Johnson Bay on Knight Island. Also, any insights regarding seeking permission to camp on native lands located on both Evans and Chenega Islands would be helpful, particularly at Kake Cove on Chenega Island. It is my understanding the abandoned native community of Chenega on Chenega Island is to be respected when viewed from a distance on the water of Chenega Cove.

I would also value any insights regarding Nassau Fiord and the presence of ice bergs in June and/or July.

The planning process has begun for a potential camping trip of 12 days for TBD dates in 2015. One option involves a ferry ride from Whittier to the native community of Chenega Bay on Evans Island and paddling the 155+ miles back to Whittier.


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